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School Holidays 14-15

Monday 27th October - Friday 31st October - Mid Term Break

Monday 22nd December - Friday 2nd January - Christmas Holidays

Thursday 19th - Friday 20th February - Mid Term Break

Monday 16th - Tuesday 17th March - St. Patrick's Weekend

Monday 30th March - Friday 10th April - Easter Holidays

Monday 4th May - Public holiday

Monday 1st - Tuesday 2nd June - Public Holiday


 School Self Evalution Report




A school self-evaluation of teaching and learning in Ray National School was under taken during the period September 2012 to June 2013. During the evaluation, teaching and learning in Literacy was evaluated.

The focus of the evaluation

We undertook a school self-evaluation of teaching and learning during the year. We evaluated Literacy and focused on reading. We chose this because we felt that our pupils could improve their learning outcomes in this area.

Summary of school self evaluation findings

We collected information from parents, pupils and teachers in preparing this report. We looked at how well our pupils were doing in reading. We found that our school has strengths in the following areas.

· Areas of significant strengths

Excellent team work and staff collaborations.

Lots of variations of strategies in teaching styles included throughout the year to meet all pupil needs.

Good communication between home and school.

Teachers make learning fun. ie World Book Day, Quizzes, etc

Excellent use of differientation to support all pupil needs.

Learning support and resource teaching used effectively to assist learning in Literacy.

· Areas prioritised for improvement.

Increase pupil self assessment, eg AFL,AOL

More comprehension work based on reading.

Develop new comprehension strategies “Building Bridges of Understanding. “

More independent writing ie Free writing copies.

Team teaching in Phonics in Infant Room.