Green Schools


Don't hog all the Water!

 Our Water Mascot- H2O Joe:


 We recently entered the Green School Water Poster Competition for 2016. Below are photos of the posters selected to be sent off for this competition. 





On Weds 17th Feb 2016 we had our Day of Action for the Water flag. This was a fun packed day. We began our day with a walk for water where some teams walked up to 7 km carrying water as a relay team. Well done!




After our walk we stayed in our teams and did a hunt around our school trying to answer questions written by the Green Committee. As we went we found small bottles of water and we had to fill up our large bottle with these. The first team back with all the questions answered and the most water collected were the winners!





 After our hunt we went back to our classrooms and did some lovely Art based on the water theme. At the end of our Day of Action we had a Water Quiz- see our fantastic quiz masters below.


Green School Committee 2015-16.


Below is last year's committee who also worked on the water flag. 


Our Green Schools Committee and the whole of Ray N.S. are working this year and last on getting our Water Flag. We are also working hard to maintain our Recycling and Energy flags.

The Water flag focuses on reducing the water we use in the school.  To do this, we first needed to know how we use water in Ray N.S.  We looked at all the ways that we use water in our school- sinks, toilets, dishwasher, drinking, radiators, washing up,  etc. We found the water meter and learned how to read it. We are now taking regular readings of this meter to see how much water we are using. 

We are now thinking of ways to reduce the amount of water we use in school.  We will regularly check for leaks and fix them asap to reduce water wastage. We will measure how much water a toilet uses when flushed and look at ways to reduce this eg a hippo bag. We have installed a water butt to collect the rainwater and we will use this water to water flowers, wash out the compost bins etc.  

We attended a Green School Water Forum to learn all about how to gain our Water Flag. This was very helpful and interesting. It was a great opportunity to share ideas with other schools who are working on the same flag. Below are photos of our 4 Green Committee members who were selected to go to this Forum. 




 We took part in a Water Poster Competition. All pupils made some wonderful posters about water usage or how to reduce how much water we use. The Green Committee selected 20 posters to be sent away for this competition (10 posters from the Junior end and 10 posters from the Senior end of the school were sent off.) Below are photos of these pupils with their fantastic posters. Well done!





 We held a Water Mascot competition. There were some fantastic posters and therefore the Green School Committee found it really hard to pick the winners. Below is a photo of the winning mascot- 'H2O Joe' and the winning slogan-

            "Don't hog all the water,                          Save some for the rest of us!" 



 We are also looking at how to use the rainwater. Thanks to Lee Browne for providing us with a water butt and to Andrew Johnston for installing it. We will use this water for washing the compost bins, gardening, water races on sports day etc. In the following pictures you can see the Infants using this harvested water to water their newly planted bulbs. 



Well done to all the children and Teachers for their hard work and I hope that they keep it up so that we can reduce our water usage and save some money on our water bills!