Welcome to  Junior Room web page.

There are 21 pupils in our classroom this year. We have 8 pupils in 1st class, 9 pupils in 2nd class and 4 pupils in 3rd class. Ms Devenney is our class teacher. We have had a very busy year in the Junior room to date.    

  It is Christmas time and we are very busy getting ready for Santa 





 In SESE we examined Rocks and Soil.






In maths we have been looking at measurement.  



In Art we designed a poster for the Active Flag. 





 We love Juin's pancakes with butter and sugar .


 World book day is a favourite in the Junior Room as we love to dress up.









 We had a visit from Foyle Search and Rescue. 



 We designed posters for the Water Flag competition. 




We did athletics with Dermott from Finn Valley.



 The weather has got warmer so we had an opportunity to plant the  seeds , spuds and strawberries.



Well that’s about it from the Junior Room but we hope you visit us soon again to see what else we have been up to.